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It’s a part of me

I don’t know if
It’s a part of me
That resides in you
Or its some of you
That does live inside of me
That I love

I don’t know if its I who speaks to you or
It’s I who listens from your side
It’s you who keep on whispering in my ears
Or if it’s really me that some where hides

I don’t know if its you I stare in the eyes
Coz I feel they have the same color as mine
Or I don’t know if when I smile, it’s your smile
Because it’s your smile I smile all the time

I don’t know how would it feel to hurt you
Or would it be to hurt myself, won’t it be the same?
I don’t know how shall I react to the life all around
When a part of me shall be missing !

All I know is that since I ever saw you
There’s been no eve, when I haven’t thought of you !