Hassan Bukhari


Oaj e Kamal

Zenith of Excellence

Oaj translates to Zenith, Peak and ultimate height. Kamal means Absence of Flaws thus Excellence. Oaj e Kamal would thus mean the Zenith of Excellence. 

This program is about creating Personal and Professional Excellence. Learn to do the same. Learn to excel. 
You will learn:
Ingredients of excellence
Knowing how to take yourself to excellence
The hollistic approach to achievement, fulfillment, success, purposefulness and 
Your relationship with your Subconscious, Universe, Time and God. 
Altering beliefs, values, identities for excellence
Learning to excel with mental clarity

Four (4) hours x 01 session including question answers and short breaks.
 Professional Gains: 
An outstanding session that will enable participants to aim for excellence.
Changed approach from mediocrity to excellence
Multiple rewards with very high optimum return in personal and professional lives. This session is recommended for all tiers of management looking to achieve professional as well as personal excellence

Additional Gains:
Actually changing your perspective and life reference from mediocrity to excellence
“We wish, we had gone through this earlier.”