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Productivity and Cost Reduction


In our work and efforts with managers, executives, heads of HR, GMs, directors and board members from over 300 organizations, we have developed a comprehensive syllabus to create Quality Conscious workforce resulting into Increased Productivity, Reduction in Costs and Overall Quality Improvement. The program is highly beneficial for achieving operational cost reduction and high productivity in output. 

You Will Learn:

Module 1: Introduction of Productivity & Quality Concepts

  • Productivity and Quality Concepts
  • Nature, Importance, Benefits of becoming Productivity and Quality Consciousness
  • Quality & Productivity History Across the World
  • TQM Journey in Japan
  • TQM in the manufacturing and services sector: uses and applications
  • Excellence Essentials: Leadership

 Module 2: Kaizen Management (KM)

  • What is Kaizen Management?
  • How Kaizen Management Tools are Implemented?
  • Principles of 5S: Application at Work Place

  Module 3: Process Improvement

  • Quality Control Circles in the Services Sector organization
  • TPM: Total Productive Maintenance, requirements and essentials
  • Productivity Measurement  Just in  Time  (JIT) Solutions
  • A general Introduction to ISO 9001:2008

Module 4: Business Excellence

  • Benchmarking: Concepts,  Applications and Benefits
  • Six Sigma: Concepts, Applications and Benefits
  • Performance Improvement Solutions.

Duration: Four (4) hours x 05 days including question answers and short breaks.

For Whom:

  • Any enterprise owner looking for cost reduction and process improvement
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Manufacturing unit owners and managers
  • Quality control managers and staff

Professional Gains:

  • Reduced costs of production, operations and procedures
  • Improved lead time
  • Reduction in waste, repeat procedures, repeat manufacturing and faults
  • Better understanding and awareness of productivity and TQM
  • Improved quality of engineering solutions, production and factory layout
  • Awareness among employees about hidden costs per unit and their impact on production runs, time, overheads etc
  • Knowledge of productivity tools like 5S, Kaizen, Six Sigma etc
  • Developing culture of excellence
  • Overall reduction in costs, errors, negligence, carelessness and casualness
  • Improved liaison among management and operations management w.r.t quality and productivity

Additional Gains:

  • Development of quality conscious organization teams and organization
  • Overall increase in productivity and quality

 Feedback: “A unique results driven training for cost reduction and performance improvement”.