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Qarar o Tafweez

Decisions and Delegation


Have you ever had to face the situation when you were stuck between two choices and could not decide right away?

Decision making is a complex mental exercise that we have to face every single day, yet it is rare that we are made aware of what goes on in our mind when are actually going to decided something. Delegation is allowing someone else to do those tasks for you including decisions. Both are inter-related.

Right and correct decisions are always followed by a mental peace and calm.  The title of this program owes its creation to two words from Arabic i.e. Qarar meaning the tranquility and Tafweez meaning to delegate.

This program will make decision making and delegation ultra simple and clear for you. 

You will learn:

Decision Making:

  • The core of decision- making process
  • Beliefs, Values and Identities
  • Metaprograms for decision making
  • Know the five fears that keep us from decision making?
  • Taking the fear off your mind
  • Decision Making Muscles
  • Neurology at work


  • Deciding what and what not to delegate
  • Deciding your true, accurate financial worth
  • Time value of you
  • Delegation Tasks Matrix
  • Accountability and Delegation
  • Perfectionism and Excellence
  • Personal Insecurities
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Delegation
  • Learning to Delegate

Duration: Four (4) hours x 02 days including question answers and short breaks.

 Professional Gains:

  • People start making better decisions. They become better bosses and increase their productivity because they are not wasting their times in things they can delegate.
  • They become  less politicizing, less frustrated, less confused,  less depressed, and happier, more direction oriented, more focused with higher performance levels achieved.

Additional Gains:

They become better at making personal decisions as well.


“We never thought right decision making and delegation could add so much value to our lives.”