Hassan Bukhari

Meer e Karwan


Meer is from Persian meaning leader or the head. Karwaan is from Urdu as well as from Persian meaning a caravan or an arrangement of travelling together particularly in a desert. Thus Meer e Karwaan would mean the Leader of the caravan. There are particular pre-requisite traits to become a Meer e Karwaan. As Iqbal rightfhully said.
This program is not about knowing what is leadership or what types of leadership exist, but it is about Becoming One.

You will learn:
To practise Leadership, step by step.
Essentials of leadership starting from individual self, group and then at full organization level
Self analysis of C Square Matrix
Leading people and groups
Leading an organization
Self and group analysis of E Square Matrix
Know they rhythm of universe.
Four (4) hours x 02 sessions including question answers and short breaks.
Professional Gains:
An outstanding professional growth in leadership at individual, group and organization level
Leadership development for family led organizations which want to teach and put to practice leadership in their next generations
Achieving above average, super normal achievements in your daily hours without stress
Multiple rewards with very high optimum return in personal and professional lives. This session is recommended for managers, senior managers, department heads and senior professionals, who have had typical and traditional trainings on leadership, time managemente etc. and who do not merely want to know more…but to become more.
Additional Gains:
Actually experiencing leadership development in oneself.
“An outstanding program for developing leadership. A no-nonsense, time saving, definition-and- jargon avoiding, straight program focused on developing leadership.”