Hassan Bukhari


Zaat O Zamaan

Time & Our Inner self

Zaat and Zamaan both words are from Urdu with their origin from Arabic. Zaat refers to the inner most core of us, which is beyond our body, physical presence, thoughts, ideas or image. Zamaan refers to time. Zaat and Zamaan are deeply inter-related. 

 You will learn:
To access your innermost self
That our Zaat and Zaat e Waajib are deeply yet inversely connected.
That there is always an immediate, unmistaken and certain way to call for Istighaasa from Zaat e Wajib.  
Learn the very nature of time? What is it and how does it affect us?
How to make time your ally rather than an enemy?
How to control stress and perform extra ordinary in the extreme conditions?
Know they rhythm of universe.
Four (4) hours including question answers and short breaks.
 Professional Gains: 
An outstanding professional growth in the science of time management. 
Achieving above average, super normal achievements in your daily hours without stress
Multiple rewards with very high optimum return in personal and professional lives. This session is recommended for senior managers, department heads and senior professionals, who have had typical and traditional trainings on leadership, time managemente etc. and who do not merely want to know more…but to become more. 
Additional Gains:
A certain guaranteed poise in life. 
“We have achieved extra-ordinary understanding of life, universe and our selves. We have become better human beings, have known our place better in this place having one rhythm. ” 
“We have truly known time management, for the first time in our careers”.