Hassan Bukhari


Khud Kalami o Guftaar

One of the best communication skills enhancement program that you will ever come across.

You will learn:
How you think? What others think? Why others do what they do?

What probably shall be the next move of the person you are dealing with? What motivates your wife to go shopping and what stops her from that? What motivates your son to study? Why does your boss not read your report that took you six hours to write and asks “just tell me what’s in it?

  • How we  build our language :  (modalities of communication)
  • What makes our thoughts : (metprograms)
  • How we create basis of our decisions : (mental syntax)
  • How we form our beliefs : (our belief cycles)

You shall learn……..that everyone has a particular combination of using his/her five (5) senses , and if you unlock that combination, you win huge trust of others. You gain a genuine understanding of others at their deeper level.

Convince them of almost any thing  (the basics of convincing strategies)

And more than everything…. you can talk yourself to do something for which you do not feel motivated to.. (we talking about self motivation here people. You can truly motivate yourself…Begin to regain control on yourself!

Nothing more will be said about this here.

Four (4) hours x 02 days including question answers and short breaks.
Professional Gains: 
Outstanding gains in inter and intra-departmental communication.
Above average, super normal communication with external links from the organization.
Harmony and mutually respected values
Increased level of empathy and reduced confusion.
Multiple rewards with very high optimum return in personal and professional lives. This session is recommended for managers and senior managers, who have had typical and traditional trainings on leadership, time managemente etc. and who do not merely want to know more…but to become more. 
Additional Gains:
A guaranteed increase in quality of personal and professional lives.
“Best communication skills workshop attended so far.”