Hassan Bukhari


Sitaaroan Sey Aagay


  • No one can work hard , no one can perform to his or her peak level without MOTIVATION, but what causes motivation.
  • Why a person gets motivated on a certain incentive and the other gets dejected?
  • Why some employees perform better under the same conditions?
  • Can the chief executive officer or someone in the Board of Directors be demotivated? YESS!!  Because of very human being and they are no exception.
  • What is huge price to be paid if the CEO of an organisation feels demotivated?
  • Well the senior executives motivate their team, but who shall motivate themselves?
  • How to take control of frustrations and take control of seemingly impossible controlling conditions?
  • And answers to many such questions shall be delivered for optimum human performance.

Engage for your organization

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