Hassan Bukhari


Junoon e Oaj

Motivation for Excellence
Junoon represents extreme obsession, however in classic Urdu, Junoon also means going to extreme lengths to achieve one’s purpose. Oaj means Zenith or pinnacle. 
You will learn:
Motivation is fuel for action and to keep yourself self-motivated is one of the biggest challenges in one’s career
Know they rhythm of universe.
Four (4) hours x 02 sessions including question answers and short breaks.
 Professional Gains: 
An outstanding professional growth in leadership at individual, group and organization level
Leadership development for family led organizations which want to teach and put to practice leadership in their next generations 
Achieving above average, super normal achievements in your daily hours without stress
Multiple rewards with very high optimum return in personal and professional lives. This session is recommended for managers, senior managers, department heads and senior professionals, who have had typical and traditional trainings on leadership, time managemente etc. and who do not merely want to know more…but to become more.
Additional Gains:
Actually experiencing leadership development in oneself.
“An outstanding program for developing leadership. A no-nonsense, time saving, definition-and- jargon avoiding, straight program focused on developing leadership.”