Hassan Bukhari



Business Plan Development

Beher is from the Arabic word meaning “ocean”, Irfan from Arabic as well meaning “recognition beyond “rayb” or “doubt”. Thus Behr e Irfan would translate and mean “the Ocean of Absolute Recognition”.
You will learn:
There is no guarantee for the learning levels for this topic, since the topics discussed are highly subjective and perception oriented in nature. i.e. each participant will learn as per his or her different and variant level of perception. The participants are selected by choice and only if they have gone through “Idraak” first. 


A unique work on a topic rarely spoken about.

A topic rarely addressed and least understood.

An effort to sow the seed of inner poise, growth, humility, wonder, gratitude, joy, living in the moment and certainty.

An effort to develop ability to live in the awe…………every single moment of our lives.

Nothing more will be said about this here.

Four (4) hours including question answers and short breaks.
 Professional Gains: 
Multiple rewards with very high optimum return in personal and professional lives. This session is recommended for very senior professionals, who have had typical and traditional trainings on leadership, time managemente etc. and who do not merely want to know more…but to become more. 
Additional Gains:
A certain guaranteed poise in life.
“We have transformed into a better version of ourselves, we did not know existed.” 

  • Know the essentials of business planning, development and Implementation
  • Learn to use the most ignored resource available to us i.e. COMMON SENSE
  • And watch different facets where it is ignored?
  • And how does ignoring the use of common sense cost us millions?