What My Words Will Do For You?

God is verb and verb is word. 

It is words that tie a young woman’s heart to someone she did not know six months earlier.

It is through words that a teenager is endowed to a fortune through his uncle’s will. 

It is words of a doctor that declare someone dead and words of a priest that declare a couple husband and wife. 

It will be words that will turn just interested people into potential clients and potential clients to repeat sales. 

Though you will have to stand behind each word you say to your clients, but firstly it would be those words, whom will bring those clients to you. 

It will be my words, written for you, for your organization and for your cause. 

You know what to do. 


Copy for Communication Skills With NLP

Profound Knowledge is something that you can learn today…. then start using it IMMEDIATELY and Start Reaping the benefits. This is what we do in our sessions !


You shall get to know:


  • How others think?
  • How you think?
  • Why others do what they do?
  • What probably shall be the next move of the person you are dealing with?
  • What motivates your wife to go shopping and what stops her from that? 
  • What motivates your son to study?
  • Why does your boss does not read your report that took you 6 hours to write and asks…
  • “just   tell   me   whats   in   it ?”

We share and teach people at using Profound Knowledge & we do it pretty well at our session titled:


Effective Communication Skills using NLP Tools !


What we are not going to teach?


  • How to shake hands or focus on being assertive
  • Neither we are going to tell you to smile pleasantly or
  • think positive and 
  • Nor it shall be an english language learning class!


What you are going to learn with us?


Basic building blocks of communication like:   


  1. How we  Build our language :  (Modalities of communication)
  2. What Makes our thoughts   :    (Metprograms)
  • How we Create basis of our decisions :         (Mental Syntax)
  1. How we Form our beliefs :         (Our belief cycles) 


You Shall Also Learn the Psychology behind Decision Making Process like:

  • What we shall do?
  • When we shall do? 
  • What action we shall delay?
  • Whom shall we marry? 
  • Which job shall we choose?

You shall gain a convincing power that works like miracles!


A few more glimpses of our program: You shall also learn……..

that everyone has a particular combination of using his/her 5 senses and if you unlock that combination, you win huge trust of others. you gain a genuine understanding of others at their deeper level. You shall learn the basics of convincing strategies.

 A Precious Yet Humble Advise:


In his last retirement speech American Business Legend and Corporate Tycoon Warren Buffet generously gave away two pieces of advice:


  1. Stay Away From Credit Cards

Investment in People:

So this year if you decide to INVEST something in PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT of your team, let this event be the one when you do it, or you its only Rs. 7,500/ including refreshments and certificate and if you want to see your name on a certificate by an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED BODY the price is Rs.11,000  for a Certificate by Concord Certification Corporation, Canada.


For Whom:

Anyone can benefit from the program, however if:


  • If you are a teacher, a trainer or a person from education sector,
  • A person who has to address people or speak to a lot of people (directly face to face or through a medium),
  • Or if you are a sales person,
  • A mother or a daddy,
  • A spouse with a difficult spouse : )  
  • A knowledge seeker,
  • Any one who has to work with difficult people,
  • You are engaged with some one recently,
  • You are a boss who truly wants to connect with his team and who is looking for ways to fill in “that” gap,
  • If anyone who wants to learn more and peep more into human psychology of communication..

Training Methodology:

The program shall include all or a combination of the following tools for maximum effectiveness.


  • Face to Face discussion, lecturing.
  • Video/ Clips.
  • Power point presentations.
  • Group activities.
  • Mental exercises.

Duration: 2days program x 8 hours including breaks for lunch, prayer etc. 

Copy for Train Your Brain

03 hours

03 sessions

A sure Pass or an Up to 20% or more score in exams.

1/20th of resources and energy (time, mind, money) that you have been spending already

Do The Math Yourself !

How this shall be achieved?                                                                       


A leader knows the way, a leader shows the way, a leader goes the way !


Being true leader in human development , we have demonstrated several times in Pakistan’s top academic institutions that we can transform human functioning to a higher level

This outcome shall be created applying a three step process

  1. Creating Mental Focus
  2. Changing Attitude towards Academics (Shifting from Mediocrity to Excellence
  3. Delivering easy but powerful Brain Tools for a change

What participants will learn?

After attending the session the participants shall have learnt / understood or be able to practice:   

  •  Understanding Neuro-physiological states
  • How to take control of dis-empowering states?
  • The power of decisions
  • How to take decisions which do not change under stress?
  • Learning to set powerful goals
  • Goal Implementation
  • Time assessment and determining learning hours
  • Creating personal tools to work on learning hours
  • Developing responsibility
  • How to handle procrastination?
  • How to develop a practicing will?
  • Developing a performers identity
  • Belief cycle and how does belief cycles affect our performance (Beliefs)
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Realigning Values (Values)
  • Creating ID shift: Handling IDs
  • Developing a right identity crucial for exam success 
  • The Placebo effect
  • Tools of training your brain and self-hypnosis for success:
  • Anchoring
  • SILVA 
  • Mind Mapping (basic level)
  • Visualization
  • Goal Setting
  • COI
  • Mnemonics

Copy for Gender Communication Strategies

Much needs to be done in third world in issues pertaining to gender. Pakistan is no exception.


Gender ranks among top of the cross cutting concerns, the others being: poverty, environmental sustainability, democratic rights and HIV/Polio.

We need to work on multi-dimensional aspects of gender and upon a set of traits  and factors responsible for gender related issues.


Women are almost 50% of Pakistan’s population as per the last census. Any development activity cannot be carried out successfully, unless half of the population is not able to perform its role in the activities carried out.


In a country like Pakistan, which is socially impaired by a war on terrorism for the past 11 years, gender mainstreaming becomes more important, since it hampers any other development sector activity and mitigates the results to be achieved.


The Need:

Thus it becomes the need of the day for any development sector organization to train its people and improve their knowledge, skills and attitude towards gender related issues with respect to two aspects:


  1. Developing Knowledge, Skills and Attitude of internal teams
  2. Developing the capacity of internal team to transfer, handle and pass on such set of competencies to the community under times of urgency and emergency,         as well as under routine days.





Focusing the deeper core:

We see numerous training programs, being unable to create a genuine impact and a required transformation because they are focused on the superficialities only.


We ignore the deeper inner core, the character paradigm.


Our Training Program on Gender Communication Strategies & Gender Analysis Tools

focuses on C square essentials, a paradigm that lays foundation of long term impact.

Permanent and long lasting success and change can only come with character paradigm combined by competence traits.


The only way to raise your organization is to base its foundation on TRUE PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN EXCELLENCE. There is no other choice.


We, with our work have proved it out many times. We have transformed people!


Our program on the above mentioned topic thus addresses both aspects: the character trait as well the competence and skill sets.

Copy for Miracle, a spiritual event

To accept is to begin…

Welcome to the journey..  after which you shall never be the same..

The 4 questions

  • Who am I?
  • Where I have come from?
  • Why I am here?
  • Where shall I go?

The word “I”  Definitely does not mean our bodies or does it? 

When we say “I” , whom we are referring to?


To express pain we utter: Ive got ache in my body?” to whom this body belongs?? Transformation :  Trans……..form……ation !


True Acceptance Is always matched by actions

Some facts we have not truly accepted

We are much much more than our bodies, the ratio you decide?


We were since long … We are here for not so long!

We all have a desire to be special… Should we be special?

Yes or No  ???

“Kuch Khaas“ kesay hoan? Khaas = from arabic root

 Khaas from Yakhtaso means Chosen One

 What are the benefits of being chosen one? Why ???

 Attention of whom you want to have attention from

Why ??? 

 Qurb = Nearness;  In meaning and not only in form

 Unity, In meaning Only

 The Paradox:  Why ???

 ENTROPY:  To understand God, we have to be God-like

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Understanding the principles of universal conscience awareness

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

                             Carl Gustav Jung



Christianity: The kingdom of heaven is within you


Islam: Those who know themselves, know their God



Buddhism: Look within, you are the Buddha


Vedanta: Atman and Brahman are one


Yoga: God dwells within you as you


Confucianism: Heaven, earth and human are of one body


Upanishads: By understanding the self, all this universe is known


Copy for Clean Language Implementation

The Need:

Nothing costs businesses more than a vague language. Millions of dollars are spent annually and potential business volumes lost in vague business campaigns, on unspecific information sent and delivered and unclear replies to business inquiries. The list is unending.


Success of any organization is to get to the heart or core of information and be able to deliver it promptly.


The language must have a “business deliverance” in it.


The Concept of “Business Deliverence Of a Language Used”:

We believe that a language used with in a business and towards its customers must have a deliverance value. Not only it should be able to deliver the basic essential message, it must also be used promptly to NOT deliver the unwanted or undesired messages or create undesired responses. It must also deliver the required message to the right extent of Intensity of importance.


Here by the term language we do not mean languages like English, Arabic etc, but a set of words comprising commonly used day to day language in an organization.


We have named such a language as”Clean Language”.


The Gap in Communication Quality:

The people of the organization are its face towards outside world. Quality of our lives and quality of our work is directly impacted by the quality of our communication.

We thus need to improve internal as well as external communication of our people.


Our Work at Communication Skills:          

One of our best work at Oaj e Kamal was evolved at developing content and programmes for communication skills.


As some executives commented: “This programme is perhaps the best of its kind in Pakistan and comparable to any other in the globe”.


Our communications series goes under two modules or levels as follows:



Understanding Communication Psychology and Developing Essentials: level I (General Essentials that every executive ought to know and master)

  1. Understanding Neuro linguistics and Communicating with ourselves

Advanced skills: level II (Optional Modules as highlighted by TNAs or identified by Managers)

    1. Conflict management and Problem Solving
    2. Negotiation skills
    3. Clean Language Implementation

 For Optimum Results:

We recommend that module from level 1should be taken first and then either of a, b or c should be opted from the level II as per desired.



After attending the training session, the trainees shall have learnt / understood / be able to practice:

  • Mastered the basics of essential communication tools in NLP
  • Learnt the tools of precise, accurate communication
  • Eliminate ambiguity in communication
  • Improved quality of inter-departmental communication
  • Learnt to motivate themselves through accurately communicating to themselves
  • Learnt to take control of their un-resourceful states
  • Learnt the basics of forming trustworthy communication
  • Learnt how to get the desired response from others
  • Induced Self motivation

Copy for Change Management

Change Management Through Implementing Visions:             How to Take Your Organization/Department to Your Perceived Higher Level



 We cannot resist the greatest constant in the world: change.

Creating desired change has always been a challenge for organizations. We have to adopt it and learn how to do it.


Sometimes we have to plan change ourselves, before an unplanned change takes us over by surprise.


Executives often feel frustrated and burnt out when it comes to handling and implementing change.

 This program is designed keeping in view the challenges faced by executives who have to handle change.

 Since every process of growth involves the same steps as are involved in a change process, this progam is also extremely useful for executives, managers and business owners who simply who want to take their department / organization to the next higher level,.


After attending the training session, the trainees shall have learnt/ understood/ developed the capability to perform / practice :


  • Understanding what visions actually are and how to develop them
  • The source of visions
  • Developing visionary leadership
  • Mastered the basics of understanding change
  • Known the how to start the impact
  • Handling change for oneself , relationships, time
  • Learnt the art of sustainable change implementation
  • Complete and achieve successfully any change management process

Major Value Addition: 

 The participants shall have learnt how to desire, create, bring about and implement any change process in their department or organization.

They shall also learn where and how to begin the challenging task of creating a change

They shall also learn the tools and ways to create trust and involve people to minimize resistance to change and to actually start supporting the process

Brief contents:

      Vision: developments and transference:

  • Visions and the unconscious self
  • Developing visions: “how tos”
  • Vision transference to teams
  • Vision Implementation
  • Link with the invisible hand

Change Essentials: “Know where and how to start?”

  • The psychological challenge
  • The Mental Patterns and Layers under behavior
  • Developing the belief
  • Understanding the belief cycles
  • Universe of Possibilities (Aalam e Imkaan)
  • Purpose of change , the myth Vs reality

Principle centred change:

  • Have developed the will to initiate a change
  • Change as a function of character
  • Shall have known the spirituality of acceptance
  • Unlocking the code: where to begin

What to change, what not to change?

  • The myth of newness
  • Creating desired impact

Team Involvement:

  • How to involve people in the process
  • Handling trust issues: creating trust
  • Integrity

For whom?

  • People facing a change implementation situation
  • People who want to take their departments, projects or teams to a higher level
  • People with aspirations to transform their work places to a higher level of quality environment
  • Executives at the higher decision making level who have to create and think next steps or stages to achieve
  • Middle level management and above
  • Strategic visionaries

There are two types of pain. 

First, “necessary pain” which everyone of us has to go through to grow. 

Second, “unnecessary pain”, which we cause through our bad decisions, wrong moves, stupid thinking patters and limiting beliefs. 

Everyone has to go through his or her share of necessary pain and suffering. Yet rarely we are ready to handle that.

I had some very painful years of my life with no one to guide me along. I missed presence of a mentor, a guide or a teacher who could have helped me avoid unnecessary pain and at the same time who could have taught me how to gracefully go through the necessary one. 

I am doing this all now because I want to share what I was not very lucky enough to have . 

I would think is this necessary for every one else to go through the same pain that I had gone through? If I have bruised myself carving out a path in a thick forest, can I not shout out to others…. “Hey from this side”?

I will guide you how to avoid Unnecessary Pain and how to move through Necessary Pain with grace, joy and achievement.