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Life is too precious to be spent in arguments and hassles particularly with those whom we love. We find an increasing number of men and women upset with the state of their relationships. The divorce rate is at its highest since ever in our part of the world.
Ironically every one of us thinks him or herself as an expert till they find themselves stuck in a relationship that:

•  Is not growing,
• Is full of arguments,
• Lacks empathy,
• Is suffering from low quality of communication,
• Is ripe with unreasonable expectations,
• Is full of suffocating attachment,
• Contains fake possessiveness (and the partners actually feel proud on this)
• Has been deprived of joy,
• Has everything but love….

Though formally we are educated to have an education that lets us earn, we never receive any education or training on how to live fully and live well as life partners.
We perhaps need a better understanding of how relationships work.
Our One On One coaching session on relationships addresses the above in great depth. Though actually it is One on Two i.e. for both partners, although singles do attend it quite often.

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