The picture that’s painted in my heart

The picture that’s painted in my heart,
Is of an old big house,
Its large, it has a big lawn,
With some leaves spread around,

It’s warm afternoon of early April,
And it’s a strange blissful blue in the sky,
It’s an unknown, unexplained, joyous thrill,
And it’s all so deep, so huge, so bright

I see a beautiful face of a woman,
A beauty from unknown heavens,
I see a sudden calmness in her eyes,
And a cadence in her motion,

The freedom to touch her hand as my heart says,
The joy to see her love
And the truth to feel herself before me,
It’s a forgotten prayer, accepted from heavens above

What a joy could be more true?
It is everything for me in this world
A picture painted in my heart of you !