The Himalayan Afternoon

The sun is warm,
And the wind so crisp,
I can see the majestic mountains,
In the awaited summer drift

The snow melts down,
And the streamlets so cold,
The silence in the places,
And the birds so bold,

The time just stops,
The rush of the hour melts down,
We have left the concrete buildings somewhere behind,
To see the snow crowns,

A sound of a bus is heard,
But it’s a mile away,
It approaches you slowly,
And then fades away,

I feel the smell of apples and cherries,
I see the skies so blue,
I see your eyes so shining,
And  see you there, so true,

I try saying something,
Some words I had always wanted to say
To say to you

All I  can say that,
I had always been wondering,
What it would be like to be there,
In a Himalayan afternoon
With you!