About Me

I am  a writer, a blogger, a speaker, a consultant and a coach.

I am a traveler, a photographer and a star gazer.

I am also a thinker, a challenger to inertia /  status-quo and an inspirer to think.

I am also a businessman, a management consultant and a seller.

I am a dreamer, a pursuer of excellence and a mentor.

I am also a loving dad, a spouse and a son.

I am no one. 

I am every one.

I am Hassan Bukhari.


I have helped people live better. I have inspired tens of thousands of people live a life of joy, mental calm and happiness. I have shown them how to do that?”

At Work

I have helped people make better decisions,

spend quality time at their work places,

achieve more,

reach effectively and

accomplish efficiently their daily tasks to yearly and career goals.

At Homes

I have made people 

see their true strengths, 

clear out their differences, 

set mutually respected values, 

define concentric beliefs, 

raise secure and happier kids and live a life they always dreamed for. 

But above all, I have eliminated fear from lives of many people I have touched. 

I have discovered that “fear” is our greatest enemy. 

I have won a war against fear within me. 

I have made people win this. 

I have transformed from a life of anti-love to the one of living “love’”. 

I have discovered true, genuine and ultimate meaning of love. 

I will do the same for you. 

How Is It Possible?

Everything that we ever want is achievable, doable, workable. Everything.

Nothing is beyond our reach. Nothing.

There are simple strategies to follow. We will work on “mental layers of transformation”, one by one.

These layers are Identities, Values, Beliefs, Emotiongs, Feelings, Attitude and Behavior.

I will be your parter to this journey called “transformation”.

I will teach you. I will train with you. I will guide you along. 

We will do it along. 

 This becomes easier when done together. 

I know it because I have gone throught it. 

Let’s do this.

The Tools I Use:

I engage a range of tools for generating optimum results for my client organizations as well as for coaching individuals. The tools I use range from Total Quality Management to latest trends in Psychology. Some of them are duplicated from the original source, others self developed which are as follows:

  • NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Total Quality Management
  • 5S (Five S)
  • Kaizen
  • TRIZ
  • Mind Mapping
  • Auto-suggestion 
  • Excellence Modeling
  • Hypnosis and Gestalt
  • Brainstorming 
  • Lateral Thinking
  • PCMM (people capability maturity model)
  • C & E Squares
  • Root cause analysis
  • Vision Motion Scoring etc.
  • Scamper etc.
  • OEEE (Organizational Efficiency Effectiveness Enhancement)
  • LFAs
  • Theory of Change