Mary Lou Retton Crowdfunded Her Medical Debt, Like Many Thousands of Others The New York Times

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Just before Retton was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars,” she revealed that she had split from Shannon Kelley, her husband of 27 years. The retired gymnast said the divorce had occurred months earlier. Kelley is a former football quarterback turned college coach, who last worked as an assistant coach at Houston Christian University. In 2022, America suffered more than 36 mass killings, where four or more people were killed not including the shooter.

If you paid medical expenses for your deceased spouse or dependent, include them as medical expenses on your Schedule A (Form 1040) in the year paid, whether they are paid before or after the decedent’s death. The expenses can be included if the person was your spouse or dependent either at the time the medical services were provided or at the time you paid the expenses. This publication explains the itemized deduction for medical and dental expenses that you claim on Schedule A (Form 1040). It discusses what expenses, and whose expenses, you can and can’t include in figuring the deduction. It explains how to treat reimbursements and how to figure the deduction.

Medigap plans are only for original Medicare enrollees

You pay the first $1,000, and your insurer pays the remaining $1,000. Much depends on the insurer’s perception of your risk for a claim. For example, suppose you own several expensive automobiles and have a history of reckless driving. In that case, you will likely pay more for an auto policy than someone with a single midrange sedan and a perfect driving record.

  • If you had to pay additional amounts for household upkeep because of the attendant, you can include the extra amounts with your medical expenses.
  • You can include in medical expenses the amounts you pay for breast reconstruction surgery, as well as breast prosthesis, following a mastectomy for cancer.
  • You may be eligible for a policy offered by a past or present employer.
  • If you decide to enroll in original Medicare, one way you can help pay the extra costs the program doesn’t cover is to buy a supplemental — or Medigap — insurance policy.

Also, certain maintenance or personal care services provided for qualified long-term care can be included in medical expenses. For more information, see Long-Term Care, earlier, under What Medical Expenses Are Includible. Generally, you can’t include in medical expenses current payments for medical care (including medical insurance) to be provided substantially beyond the end of the year. You can’t include in medical expenses the amount of health insurance premiums paid by or through the premium tax credit. You also can’t include in medical expenses any amount of advance payments of the premium tax credit made that you did not have to pay back. However, any amount of advance payments of the premium tax credit that you did have to pay back can be included in medical expenses.

Organizers believe interest, investment returns alone on $10 million fund will sustain it permanently

A fixed cost is set for a fixed period of time; it doesn’t change. It typically relates to recurring expenses such as rent, interest payments, insurance payments, and bank fees. It isn’t affected by the production levels of goods and services. All these expenses can be considered operating expenses, but when determining operating income using an income statement, interest expenses and income taxes are excluded. Whatever is going on with Retton’s health insurance, she definitely has many pulling for her.

insurance expense

Don’t post your social security number (SSN) or other confidential information on social media sites. Always protect your identity when using any social networking site. Go to for links to information on the impact of the coronavirus, as well as tax relief available for individuals and families, small and large businesses, and tax-exempt organizations. If you have questions about a tax issue; need help preparing your tax return; or want to download free publications, forms, or instructions, go to to find resources that can help you right away. For more information about the recovery of an amount that you claimed as an itemized deduction in an earlier year, see Recoveries in Pub. Next, use Worksheet E to figure the total gain or loss on the sale of the medical equipment or property.

Operating vs. Non-Operating Expenses

For example, you can include the cost of a prescribed drug the Food and Drug Administration announces can be legally imported by individuals. You can’t include in medical expenses the cost of transportation in the following situations. The amount of qualified long-term care premiums you can include is limited. You can include the following as medical expenses on Schedule A (Form 1040).

Other states (including California, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon and Washington) let you switch plans at designated times. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. I recommend checking with your client’s tax accountant because of the complexities around high value assets and costly damages. So, if you originally put the repairs against a Repairs & Maintenance expense account, that is the account you will put the insurance proceeds against. The recommendation is to group this insurance with the other motor vehicle expenses (fuel, r&m) in the bookkeeping accounting records. The annual payment is usually cheaper than the total of the monthly payments as an incentive to pay the bill up-front, but small businesses often can’t afford this, so the providers offer the monthly option.

Mary Lou Retton’s lack of insurance…

An insurance policy can even provide your survivors with a lump-sum cash payment if you die. In short, insurance can offer peace of mind regarding unforeseen financial risks. A life insurance policy guarantees that the insurer pays a sum of money to your beneficiaries (such as a spouse or children) if you die. Many insurance policy types are available, and virtually any individual or business can find an insurance company willing to insure them—for a price. Common personal insurance policy types are auto, health, homeowners, and life insurance.

  • The part of the gain that is a recovery of an amount you previously deducted is taxable as ordinary income.
  • Harold Averkamp (CPA, MBA) has worked as a university accounting instructor, accountant, and consultant for more than 25 years.
  • So, if you originally put the repairs against a Repairs & Maintenance expense account, that is the account you will put the insurance proceeds against.
  • If you use an expense account, the P&L will show a huge loss in one month (from the damage) and then a huge profit in the month that the insurance check is received.

If it is, you must include that part in your income in the year you receive it to the extent it reduced your taxable income in the earlier year. See What if You Receive Insurance Reimbursement in a Later Year, discussed earlier under How Do You Treat Reimbursements. Once you have determined which medical expenses you can include, figure and report the deduction on your tax return. You can’t include in medical expenses the cost of membership in any club organized for business, pleasure, recreation, or other social purpose.

What is final expense life insurance?

You sued this year for injuries you suffered in an accident last year. You sought $10,000 for your injuries and didn’t itemize your damages. Last year, you paid $500 for medical expenses for your injuries. The Quicken for Nonprofits: Personal Finance Software $2,000 is first presumed to be for the medical expenses that you deducted. The $500 is includible in your income this year because you deducted the entire $500 as a medical expense deduction last year.

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