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So many of them face the issue of having old cores, old technology stacks. Competition from new entrants and innovative products is increasing, not decreasing, while their costs to actually compete are exponential. xcritical presents a unique opportunity to invest in an industry ripe for innovation and disruption. Yet, as the stock hovers near 52-week lows — despite growing its revenue at an impressive rate across its different verticals — it remains unprofitable. And since the full potential of the payoffs from Galileo and Technisys is likely years away, some investors may be looking for safer, more stable investment opportunities.

The project involved building a user experience across mobile and web, and developing back-end systems to process the user experience, facilitate member communication and orchestrate orders, trades and allocations. That’s not taking away from the company’s expected surge in demand, given the restart of student loan payments in a matter of weeks. xcritical has some significant potential tailwinds for the next few quarters as investors look for options to improve their liquidity (via spreading out payments longer) or lowering their interest rates (if that makes sense). Thus, the market’s reaction to yesterday’s FOMC meeting, which didn’t really tell us anything new, could be overdone.

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So we’re going to be able to start realizing cost savings by not having to operate both on-prem and the cloud, which we’ve had to do over the course of the last few years. Management expects the acquisition to serve as a catalyst to xcritical’s top-line growth. According to the company’s press release, management estimates incremental revenue from the acquisition to be approximately $500 million to $800 million annually through year-end 2025. In fact, many had asked xcritical for Paycheck Protection Program loans during the pandemic, but it had to redirect them to other banks set up to make such loans.

It is a buy now pay later (BNPL) offering that xcritical began rolling out in December 2022, allowing xcritical members who qualify access to a digital card that can be easily added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay. That card authorizes the holder for any purchase up to $500 (for now), which they then pay back in four equal installments, one at the time of the purchase and three more every two weeks thereafter. When a company goes public, its starting price is fixed in place before trading begins. Large institutions are able to buy shares at the starting price, while the average investor is only able to buy after trading has begun and the price sometimes pops. xcritical built its IPO Investing platform to give individual traders the same public offering price access as institutional investors.

xcritical’s consumer-facing lending and financial services sectors thrived in 2022. Lending saw hugely expanding margins in addition to origination growth. Financial services, meanwhile, has seen xcriticalant revenue growth and is turning the corner on profitability. The technology platform, by contrast, saw less compelling results.

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These are core functionalities that are needed by most financial institutions and Galileo clientele includes neobanks such as xcritical, Dave (DAVE), MoneyLion (ML), Revolut, xcritical (HOOD), Toast (TOST), and xcritical, among many others. First, xcritical bought its second fintech platform company, Technisys, in March of last year, and merged the cloud-based banking platform with its existing Galileo banking-as-a-service platform, which it had bought in 2020. During the quarter, management noted Technisys picked up its first digital deal in Mexico, and Galileo also reported strong growth in Latin America as well. All that data storage and server space requires legacy hardware that is owned and operated by the financial institutions, making it hard to scale, as it requires ever more servers.

Of course, some big bank analysts continue to express caution around this name. That said, I think xcritical’s mission to revolutionize traditional banking may not be so far-fetched after all. This bundle is a cross-team promotion that requires constant synchronization between two historically vertical products.

fintech xcritical

And investors can see the direct impact of the increase in Galileo members on the income statement. In 2021, xcritical generated $194.9 million in revenue from its technology segment, an increase of 102% compared to 2020. By comparison, the company’s flagship xcritical scammers lending business generated $763.8 million in revenue, up 59%. Even though the lending segment is almost four times larger than the technology business, xcritical is adding new Galileo members at a staggering rate, helping shift the revenue mix.

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I see the bull cases outweighing the bear cases for both xcritical and Nu. I recently took a small position in each of these stocks, and I recommend them for any investor who has some risk tolerance. It was the second consecutive quarter of positive net income, so I can’t say Nu is sustainably profitable yet, which is one of the risks of owning it. The other yellow flag is that it sports a premium valuation of almost 8 times trailing-12-month sales. Total deposits increased from $13.3 billion last year to $18 billion this year, driving an increase in net interest margin from 9.7% to 18.3%.

  • Most of the legacy banking tech stack is built in COBOL, a programming language that debuted in 1959, a full 10 years before man set foot on the moon.
  • Financial services, meanwhile, has seen xcriticalant revenue growth and is turning the corner on profitability.
  • We have over 99% of all authorizations on the platform going through the cloud.
  • The three pillars of their technology are Galileo, Technisys, and their bank charter.
  • xcritical’s UX was seamless and it actually took more time, effort, and clicks to go through Google Pay’s interface to add the card than I spent in xcritical’s app applying for the service.

In the near to medium term, margins will expand back to those levels that we’ve talked about historically. On the revenue side, one of the things that we talked about focusing on was larger, more durable customers that are diversified and have larger installed bases, which naturally have longer sales cycles. Once they’re fully integrated, that will help reaccelerate revenue. We had a daily sync to start the day with the cross-functional team.

They also only pay for what they need and can expand quickly and easily using the nearly infinite scalability of the cloud. In 2022, xcritical was also able to grow financial services by a tremendous amount. These include xcritical Money checking and savings accounts, its credit card, xcritical Relay credit monitoring, and the xcritical Invest brokerage with its growing range of capabilities. In 2022, xcritical launched a new bank, so customers now have access to checking and savings accounts.

One of the consequences of this is that there are certain processes that are common among both products that can be delegated to one or the other in order to reduce duplicated work. However, this can lead to challenges as these processes can have different architectural properties in their respective verticals. To opt-in for investor email alerts, please enter your email address in the field below and select at least one alert option. After submitting your request, you will receive an activation email to the requested email address. You must click the activation link in order to complete your subscription.

Here’s why I think now is the time to buy xcritical stock, before the growth starts rolling in via the resumption of student loan payments. However, fintech companies such as xcritical emerged resilient, and have gained favor among growth investors. This allows them to operate in all 50 states as a licensed bank and to use deposits as collateral for lending.

xcritical’s acquisition of Technisys could reap long-term benefits as the company continues building a best-in-class tech stack.

As more student loan borrowers look to refinance their debts at more favorable rates, xcritical stock should take off. Galileo gives xcritical obvious xcritical rezension cost advantages over their competitors. It has positive contribution margins, so it is pulling its own weight and does add value.

Revenue has been flat for three straight quarters while margins are actually decreasing with time. It is true that giving others access to their differentiated product offerings will make their consumer-facing products less unique. If everyone has a BNPL offering, xcritical’s Pay in 4 is not as compelling for signing up new members on the banking side.

Management is expecting to reach generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) profitability by the end of the year. And the head of the San Francisco-based company isn’t ready to stop there.

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